June 20, 2021

Vagamon, a picturesque hill station renowned for the famous meadows is situated in taluks of Kottayam and Idukki districts. Vagamon is situated at an elevation of 1100 m above sea level. This is a favorite location for wedding photographers, film makers and tourists. The climate is too pleasant and welcoming with temperatures ranging from 10 to 23 degrees. Vagamon is one of the top 50 must-visit places in India.

It has been only a century since the outside world began to pay attention to the mountains lined with tea gardens and pine trees. The climate here is cool during most of the year. The Department of Tourism has arranged the necessary facilities for the tourists here while maintaining the uniqueness of nature and without promoting too much civilization. The atmosphere here is always very calm. Thangalpara, Murugan Hills and Vagamon Kurishumala are some of the popular tourist attractions of the place. In addition, the International Paragliding Festival has been held in Vagamon since 2006. This program is jointly organized by Kochi – based Adventure Sports and Sustainable Tourism Academy (ASSTA) and the Kerala Tourism Department. 

Places of interest in Vagamon:


Thangalpara is a place where rock formations and beautiful scenery come together in a very different way. The tomb of the Afghan Sufi Sheikh Fariduddin, who came here 800 years ago to live in solitary confinement, is located at an elevation of 3500 ft above sea level.

Murugan Hills

Murugan Hills is a place located near Thangalpara. History says that Lord Murugan came here in a peacock vehicle. There is also a Murugan temple here. 

Vagamon Kurishumala

Kurishumala is at an elevation of 4,000 ft above sea level, is also known as Nadunokki mala. This place came to be known as Kurisumala in 1904 when Fr Thayil Esthapan saw a special light on top of the hill. Kurisumala is a place that attracts tourists and believers alike.

Nearby Attractions:


This is where Pandavas hid during the Mahabharata war, which is said to have a historical heritage of five thousand years. These Mountains attract tourists with their unique climate and natural beauty.


The serene atmosphere, the scenic beauty of the dense forests and the mist that descends from the hills are some of the factors that attract tourists to this place. Also, a large number of Ayyappa devotees come here to see Makara Jyoti during mandala kaalam (41 day fast of penance). From a distance, this mount looks like a hawk, hence the name Parumthumpara.

Located in two districts, Vagamon is a paradise in and around the world with much potential to attract tourists. Tourists underline that Vagamon also offers a different travel experience.